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Fine element analysis allows designers to conduct hypothetical studies in a timely manner to identify the best material and mechanical design for a particular function.

Fine Element Analysis (FEA)

Design Validation Solutions

Designers are constantly under pressure from both their clients and management to increase reliability and longevity, be quicker to market with new, improved products, reduce product weight and cost, and increase productivity. This demanding environment prohibits engineers from testing multiple prototypes and design alterations to gain a better understanding of their designs. Yet, that information is vital for producing innovative, high-quality products.

Fine element analysis allows designers to conduct hypothetical studies in a timely manner to identify the best material and mechanical design for a particular function. Using computational model and analysis software to perform evaluations saves time and money and can help improve overall design performance.

Utilizing analysis up-front in the design cycle allows designers to test multiple design options while still in the initial concept phase. This allows designers to accurately and unambiguously make the best decisions in terms of safety, functionality and cost.  Additionally, FEA studies reduce the possibility of investing time and money towards a faulty product. By anticipating design faults before production, designers avoid wasting resources on a defective product.

Our Finite Element Analysis services are to help Product Designers to determine:

• Explore Multiple Design Options

• Reduce Physical Prototypes

• Optimize Design Performance FEA

Using FEA software, SolidMasters can perform virtual testing and analysis of parts and assemblies, predicting the physical behavior of practically any part or assembly under any loading condition. 

Drop test, optimization, thermal heat transfer, thermal stress, vibration, fatigue, and buckling analysis services, enabling our engineers to detect design problems in less time than a prototype could be built.

The use of FEA analysis services have a particular value to designers due to the size and complexity of the systems they are developing, FEA analysis services can identify design issues that may elude a designer's review simply because of the dynamic nature of machinery's many moving parts.

Static Simulation Using SolidWorks Premium

Published on Feb 7 2014
During this Simulation lunch and learn webinar we learn how to get up and running with simulation for static analysis. We also discuss tips and tricks on how to use it efficiently and go over resources available for getting help when we need it.For more information visit our website at

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